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Learn best practices when choosing a trading system.

Due to an increase in websites that fraudulently promote commodity trading systems and advisory services, the CFTC published a Fraud Advisory designed to help consumers identify potential swindles and scams.

Indicator Warehouse used this advisory to guide the design requirements for the Diversified Trading Systems.

Here is a summary of the information in the Advisory and a description of how we incorporated the CTFC’s recommendations into our day trading tools and trading room.


CFTC ADVISORY: Hypothetical trading results are typically based on historical price data or “real time” computer trading.

CFTC ADVISORY: Promoters typically pretend they traded futures contracts at market prices that occurred sometime in the past. The results are calculated on what the trader would have achieved had they been placed, based on actual historical prices.


Many Systems often fail to consider:

CFTC ADVISORY:  Changing market circumstances affect traders and their decision-making processes.

CFTC ADVISORY:  A change in the trader’s financial condition.

CFTC ADVISORY:  Stop-loss orders might be executed at a better or worse price, or not be executed at all.

Our Response:

Your trading system might have been built to detect longer-term trend opportunities.  When the market activity changes into a ranging pattern, the system should not be used in these conditions.  But this takes a lot of discipline.  This is why the Diversified Trading System has three signal generators instead of one and also why we call it The “Diversified” Trading System.  Each signal generator is used for a different market condition, enabling the trader to continue to trade when market conditions change.

Traders typically experience many challenges related to money management and account protection.  In short, they routinely risk too much, trade the wrong number of contracts to put the odds on their side, and often exit a good trade too early.  To take care of these issues, we created Trade Manager. With Trade Manager you always risk the correct amount, trade the correct number of contracts, and Trade Manger will ensure you take the maximum profit from each trade by ratcheting up your stop automatically for as long as the market goes your way.

As a Diversified Trading System owner you get lifetime free access to our training room. And as such you get to participate in the You experience everything in real-time with no hindsight driven hypothetical results. 


  • Profit claims of promoters may fail to take into consideration the cost of purchasing or leasing a trading system and a subscription for a mandatory data feed from a vendor.

If you are going to make a commitment to invest in the Diversified Trading System then you deserve a tremendous amount of value in exchange. As such, there are no ongoing subscription fees of any kind. You own the software for life, including Free upgrades. In addition you also get Free lifetime access to our member Forum, the self-directed video training library, and FREE Lifetime access to the Trade Room.


Are you able and ready to educate yourself about futures trading?

If you are willing to put in the effort, we will give you all the resources you need to succeed, including live mentorship in the trading room, trading support via our IW Member forum, and an extensive library of training videos.

Do you have the financial ability to risk losing much more money than the initial margin amount and sustain trading losses to meet margin calls?

Before you trade with real money, you must learn to use the system and related strategies in simulation.  This point is critical and often overlooked.  

Do you know if the advertised results are based on actual or “hypothetical” trading?

Every Profit Run session is documented and recorded live… there’s nothing hypothetical about it.

Do you know the total cost of the system including purchase, fees and subscriptions?

EVERYTHING… software, education, videos, user community, and trading room access is included in a one-time purchase.  There are no added fees or monthly subscriptions of any kind. 


The CFTC urges you to be skeptical when promoters of trading systems and advisory services claim that their products and services will earn high profits with minimal risks.

Unfortunately, this is very true. It is why we run such a transparent operation. We strive to be to be a different kind of trading company… a better kind!

No trading system can guarantee profits

Odds are this is not what you want to hear. But, it is the truth. The CFTC wrote this and we agree with them.  What we can guarantee is quality trading tools, meaningful education, and stellar support.

“Indicator warehouse’s mission is to deliver the last day trading solution you should ever need to purchase.”

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